Finding a satisfying job

Online-JobsA job that gives you comfort and still the free time you need.

This is something that everyone wants these days but it is not that easy to achieve. A recent research at MIT shows that most of the people are not very happy with their daily work or occupation. This makes tha fact seem funny that we spend most our lives doing something that we don’t enjoy so that we can do what we want in the ramaining 20 – 30 days that we have off during the year.

The most disturbing fact is that people work hard so that they can later on cure illnesses that are caused by extensive work and health issues. This is something like the modern slavery you work for someone that pays you and you use the money for food and curing your illnesses – like the old times when those responsibilites were directly to the owner of the slave now they come to the slaves themselves. Very progressive and intriguing.


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